Hi Moon Child Mama,

My name is Charlene, owner of Moon Child Babywear. I am so excited that you are visiting my website, may you find what you are looking for. I have 2 beautiful children and they are my daily inspiration. Jeanru, our eldest adventurer and wanderlust boy, and Ruah, our youngest, and our wildflower girl who keeps us on our toes. I am blessed to be their mama.

 I have a wonderful husband, Ruan, who always motivates me to do more and to dream more. He supports me in everything I do.  

The Moon Child idea was born from inspiration and excitement to create something new and different for babies.  A shortage of minimalistic, bohemian-inspired baby items that are visually aesthetic, creative and uniquely beautiful led me to create exactly that. Moon Child Babywear is for everyone, boy or girl

Moon Child is an online boutique where you can find unique, beautiful, handcrafted baby clothing and accessories. We strive to use fabrics that are comfortable to explore in and soft on their skin. All of our products are highly exclusive and won't be found anywhere else in South Africa. Our range consists of a variety of styles, some plain and minimalistic, and some bold and colourful. It is an artistic & authentic range that will compliment your baby’s unique personality and playful spirit.

Moon Child is described in the Urban Dictionary as “ A rather unique individual…” A fitting description for every little human I’d say.

Encourage the tiny adventurers to grow and be nothing other than their amazing selves.  Give them quality and care, be present and aware.