Is it just me? 🌿

I’ve recently had a conversation with someone close to me about creating and having a space in our home where we can host friends and family if they come to visit. Their reaction was not what I expected.. Instead of encouraging me to do it, I was advised to rather not do it. I was instead advised to create a space for my kids to play.

Just for context, both my kids are my world. I’d do anything for them. So, they have the WHOLE house.🤣 The living room, our bedroom, their rooms, the garden, the list goes on. Literally, every room in the house is their space to play in. I don’t feel the need to create a specific space for them.🤷‍♀️

I stood my ground to my opinion and told the person that Our family’s heart is to host and welcome people into our home, and that this space would do exactly that. The reaction I got was, “your kids are way more important than that”

I felt devastated. 😔 I felt that what I am doing as a mom was not good enough for the outside world, that having a space where the kids are “not allowed” to be in was wrong.

After speaking to some friends, and getting perspective I realised that I can have a space where I can be in. Where after a hectic day of driving around or being strong for my kids, when I don’t feel strong, I can come and debrief, pray or just be, because a healthy mom = healthy family.❤️

For a moment, I felt guilty, but if this has happened to any of the mamas, I want to encourage you. Do what settles your heart. If that’s having a space in your house where you can be without the kids, you do that. If that means going for a walk without the kids, do it.

Someone once said you cannot give when your bucket is empty. And mama, your kids need your bucket filled! 🤗

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