When we heard we were having a boy, I felt I had to speak the truth over his life. We grew up in an era where it was kinda unheard of for men to be in touch with their feelings and emotions.

We prayed for him to know who he is, that he will not stand back for any challenges or adventure, we also prayed that he would know what he wants and go for it.

And specifically this week, he’s been doing exactly that, and I am honest, it’s been tough. Him having an ear infection isn’t helping the situation at all. I’ve had moments with him, on our kitchen floor where his emotions were just too much for him. I’ve had nights with him in our bed, where he would ask me to pray for his heart and body because he feels sick.

And for that, I am thankful, thankful for this boy, who challenges every aspect of my being. For giving me overwhelming feelings of joy and frustration all at once. 💙

I will forever be your safe space🌿

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