Before I had my children I was really uncomfortable in my own skin. I never felt good in my body and was in a constant struggle to get it “perfect” or at least what I thought perfect should look like.

I enjoyed eating but saw it as something that was pushing me away from my goal, rather than helping me reach it. I never knew how to structure a meal with all the food groups.

Skip to a few years and boom my son is born and I have this great responsibility to present him with all the foods I can to broaden his liking in foods, but he was a natural at eating loved it from the get-go! Also, after my pregnancy with him, I lost all my weight of the pregnancy and even reached my weight I was when I got married! 🤩🤩

Then I got pregnant with my daughter and the pressure of being body positive in whatever way my body presents itself, was on. Although I didn’t gain as much weight I felt a lot more pregnant than I felt with Jeanru, and I carried smaller with her, so what was up with that😅😅 I had to have a mind-shift.

I had to look at my body and be proud of what she has given me, even with the extra stretch marks, or kgs. And when I started looking at myself in that way I felt so much more love for my body.

I started viewing food as a tool to nourish my body, and I started looking after myself so that I can be more active for my children (and in the end, it benefits me)

Am I where I want to be? No. Do I feel rushed to get where I want to be? Sometimes, but for now, I am just enjoying what I have.

So mamas and ladies set those goals and go for it, but enjoy the now and appreciate what your body is doing for you.🥰😘

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